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Tal Y Llyn Swimrun Sun 18 June 2023

A stunning sprint course in a beautiful part of Snowdonia National Park, at the foot of Cadair Idris.

Tal Y Llyn SwimRun Sun 18 June 2023


The event is a stunning sprint course set in a beautiful part of the Snowdonia National Park, at the foot of Cadair Idris.



This could be many of the competiors first experience with Swimrun, or a chance to hone there Swimrun skills for a big race in the future.



Beautiful and challenging trail running on a mix of terrain, swimming across the stunning glacial ribbon lake of Tal Y Llyn. Running beside hidden waterfalls and fun river crossings, all amid Cadair Idris, "the best mountain in Wales"​.  The start and finish of the race runs through the beautiful trails of Dol Idris Natural Nature Reserve.  The race is an adventurous and fun day out - go all out for the victory, or just to enjoy swim running through this beautiful part of the world



The Breakdown


Possibly the most beautiful sprint swimrun course in the UK plays out like this:


Run: 9.8km and Swim: 2km, with 5 runs, and 4 swims (8 transitions):



Run 2800m - Swim 700m


Run 750m - Swim 300m


Run 3500km - Swim 300m


Run 750m - Swim 700m


Run 2000m


(Fast: 1hr 20m - Not fast: 2hrs)

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