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My Photography

You Don't Just Need Eyes to See, You Need Vision

A complete guide to photography for beginners. I will take you through everything you need to know about how to start taking better photos.

There are many reasons why I enjoy photography, one of which is creating an image that can convey a story to those who view my photographs. The expression “a picture is worth a thousand words” is true, and as a photographer, I strongly believe we should dedicate ourselves to seeking out those hard-to-find images.


We often take images that are part of a collection, or portfolio.  But it’s also important to seek out pictures that can stand alone, invite you in and make you feel part of the story. Our camera is the tool we use to tell that story, to capture a moment in time and to portray emotion, mood and a message. There’s a difference between photography and visual storytelling, anyone can take a photograph, but not all photographs can tell a story.

The gift of storytelling is something that doesn’t just happen, the best photographers are those who are intent on learning how to tell their own narrative.  Being profoundly dyslexic, I have found that with practice and patience, I can express myself through my photography with a vision of the world that I see through the lens.  Hopefully, this shows in my images and will give you the opportunity to see into my world of storytelling.

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