Infrared Photography

Available Tutorials:  All Day, 3 Hour or 2 Hour

Are you interested in infrared (IR) photography, but you would like to understand the topic better before you get started? Whether it be Deep B&W IR (820-850 nm) or Standard IR (700-720 nm)?

Maybe you are already considering infrared photography, but you don’t know what to expect?

Do you feel simply overwhelmed by some of the technical details or concepts?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, an infrared photography one to one tutorial might be what you were looking for


Types of Filter Covered

Deep B&W IR (820-850 nm)

This is the filter type that I use, you are basically restricted to pure black and white conversions. The raw data does not contain any colour information. So, if you are after black and white images anyway, this filter type will make you happy with the darkest skies and the brightest foliage.

Standard IR (700-720 nm)

If you are unsure about which filter to choose, take this one. It is a good compromise between false colour and black and white. You can achieve the infrared, blue sky effect, and you can achieve nice black and white conversions. 

Leafy Walk Paul Fowles Photography, Aberdovey Aberdyfi,.jpg
Glowing Tree Paul Fowles Photography, Aberdovey Aberdyfi,.jpg
Minffodd Bridge Paul Fowles Photography, Aberdovey Aberdyfi,.jpg
_IRP0567-Edit copy.jpg IR Boat.jpg