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Dyfi X SwimRun

Dyfi X SwimRun 2023, All take place in the UNESCO Dyfi Biosphere.

Dyfi X SwimRun 2023

All take place in the UNESCO Dyfi Biosphere.

The sport of swimrun originated in the Swedish Archipelago in 2006.

Since 1941 the Dyfi Estuary has played a big part in building resilience, teamwork and leadership skills in young people, through adventures in the wild with The Outward-Bound Trust.

Dyfi Swimrun is inspired by history, the Outward-Bound spirit, and the original race format from ÖTILLÖ.

The Course

This stunning course includes spectacular swimming and superb trail running along the Wales Coast Path.

Total: 17km

Swim total: 3.7km

Run total: 13.3km

Longest swim: 1.2km

Longest run: 8.8km

Number of swims: 6

Number of runs: 7

Height gain: 330m​

22% swimming. There may be reasons for small route changes.


7 Runs, 6 Swims

Run 1: 1.7km

Swim 1: 150m

Run 2: 50m

Swim 2: 1.2km

Run 3: 1.9km

Swim 3: 900m

Run 4: 300m

Swim 4: 1.1km

Run 5: 8.9km

Swim 5: 190m

Run 6: 180m

Swim 6: 120m

Run 7: 50m

Note: The tidal nature of the estuary means that the distances may be slightly different depending on when you get to each transition. Not a significant difference.

European Qualifier

Dyfi Swimrun is a qualifier event for the European My Swimrun Championships. It is the only qualifier event outside of mainland Europe. As part of this European Championship, there are the following age groups.

Age Group Categories

​Solo: 16 to 39 years

Team: Combined age <90, and >90

If you require an image, please do not hesitate to contact me, high res digital image downloads only at £10 per image.

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