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Dorothea Quarry Beam Engine

This is the Dorothea Quarry pumping building formerly used for removing water from the quarry. It consists of a tall pump house with a date stone of 1904 within which is a Cornish beam engine, a boiler house complete with boilers.The engine was the last Cornish Beam Engine to be installed from new anywhere in the world and is also the youngest engine still in its original location.

This image was taken using a 850nm Infrared filter and a Nikon 24mm tilt-shift lens. It’s a shot I’ll re-visit in summer when it’s overcast, the weather on this particular day was bright low sunshine with very bright low clouds which made it difficult to really capture the image I was after, especially in IR.

Nikon Z 7 - 24.0 mm f/3.5 T?S Lens - ƒ/8.0 - 24.0 mm - 1/10 Sec - 64 ISO

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