Your Time - Photography Tutorial

This is where the tutorial is all about you and what you want out of your day.  There is no set agenda so please feel free to ask any questions on photography or composition.  We can then visit a location where we can put into practices the techniques that you would like to learn or perfect.

I have a number of private tuition options which will help fine tune your skills, build on your existing knowledge and help you make the very best of your camera and you as a photographer.

Your Time - Photography Guide

If you are a photographer visiting Aberdyfi have you thought of a local photography guide to show you around some of the more photogenic and scenic parts of Mid Wales?

There are a number of possible locations in Southern Snowdonia that can be visited, and as always, weather and lighting conditions will dictate which of these will be suitable on the day. They will range from Cregennan Lakes and Cadair Idris, the Tal y Llyn and the Dysynni Valley, there may also be other areas that you will be interested in further afield, the day is yours.


Tutorial and Guide

Should you wish to book a longer session or  multiple days with me or you have a different location choice in mind, then I'm only too happy to discuss this with you, please feel free to call.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are also available. These make a suitable gift for anyone who has expressed interest in photography, be it to improve their technique and approach to photography, or to learn from scratch with a new camera that they have just purchased.