Photography Workshop, Field Trips and Guide to Book Anytime

One to One Workshop

Full Day £100

This is NOT a group day. Everyone is at different levels of knowledge so your one to one training will go at the pace you want it to - and build confidence in the areas you need it. If you're a beginner, you won't feel you're being left behind - or holding others back. If you're more experienced, you won't be held back. We'll work on the things you want or need to concentrate on. I will be with you to help, guide, mentor and coach you. A One to One session is ideal if you want to accelerate your development as a landscape photographer. In a One to One environment. I can specifically tailor my tuition, share insights and perspectives in ways that are particularly aimed at your own priorities and abilities.


Beginners Workshop

2 hours £65 • 3 hours £75

If you find you are spending much of your time photographing in the automatic modes, then this workshop will help you take your photography to the next level. On a One to One beginners workshop, I will cover apertures, shutter speeds, manual mode, composition, lighting, use of filters. These One to One days are tailored to your individual requirements


Landscape Field Trip Workshop

2 hours £65 • 3 hours £75

This workshop is to help you understand the settings in your Camera and is designed for photographers who have had some experience with photography but wish to expand their knowledge. Help with composition and the use of filters, long exposer, bracketing, panoramic and Infrared photography, plus many other photographic techniques will be given. The day will consist of visiting various locations in and around Aberdyfi, Mid Wales.


Full Day - Landscape Field Trip Workshop

Full day £150

I have lived in and explored Wales for over 30 years and have become very fond of this beautiful part of the county. Your time together with me will focus on the landscape in and around Mid Wales.  You will find yourself photographing a landscape that has no particular claim to fame but is just in my view, worthy of a visit.


Photography Guide

Full day £150

If you are a photographer visiting Aberdyfi have you thought of a local photography guide to show around some of the more photogenic and scenic parts of Mid Wales? There are a number of possible locations in Southern Snowdonia that can be visited, and as always, weather and lighting conditions will dictate which of these will be suitable on the day. They will range from Cregennan Lakes and Cadair Idris, the Tal y Llyn and the Dysynni Valley. There may also be other areas that you will be interested in further afield, the day is yours.


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