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Commercial Gallery

Photography services for commercial property owners,
sales agents and property marketing experts.

I can provide high-quality images that combine technically excellent images with a creative flair that is inspired by my landscape photography work, to give your pictures that little extra you need in a competitive marketplace.

I work with commercial property owners, sales agents, marketing and PR companies on behalf of the commercial property sector and investment companies with property portfolios.

Wide-angle, panoramic and rectified photography

To ensure you always get the best possible photographs of your property, I use specialised cameras, lenses and software that are designed to produce images that are geometrically correct – so producing an image that looks much more like the view you would see if you were standing in front of the building, rather than the ‘just about to fall over’ look that’s usually produced when taking a photograph with standard camera lenses.

Using image stitching techniques designed specifically for buildings, we can create extremely wide-angle shots that capture your property in full, along with the environment it sits in.

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